Boswin Indoor Soccer Training Program

In this successful program, we have seen students improve through the organized program.

The program will be run by our professional instructor and the curriculum will cover the following aspects:

– Learn to do proper warm-up through different fun games;IMG_1117

– Work through different drills to improve dribbling, controlling, passing and shooting;

– Improve coordination, agility, speed and endurance;

– Small games is played at the end of each session

– Learn Respect, Discipline and Team Work

– Train hard and Have Lots of Fun

The goal of the program is to work with young students to play, learn and improve through the training program.

The program is also recommended to players who will be in Boswin Indoor Soccer League to learn more and improve their soccer skills and well-rounded sports abilities.


The training program runs from the upcoming October 6th till May 18h, 2016. There are two training sessions offered during the season, one is offered on Tuesday nights while the other one is on Wednesday nights. Click here for Registration

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