Our tutoring program offers students from grades one to twelve the opportunity to improve their academic performance and maximize their learning potential with the help and support of our professional and passionate staff members. As the success of your child is our primary concern, students and parents are given the ability to personalize their learning experience as we offer a range of programs from which families mayselect to suit their child’s individual nWe value children’s learning experience, by which it is very important for children to have FUN learning and CONTINUING TO LEARN MORE.

Our experienced instructor will assess your child’s learning background and skills in the first class and then create personalized learning program designed to target your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses so that he or she can maximize their academic potential.

Here is a short list of the classes being offered with Boswin this fall:

- English, Reading and Writing

- English as a Second Language

- Mathematics

- French as a Second Language

We also offer parents and families the flexibility to select an instructor according to their child’s needs. Our staff members are certified Ontario teachers, currently studying at faculty of education, university students completing their undergraduate degrees, or high performing secondary school students. The experiential background of the instructor selected determines the cost of the program. All of our exemplary instructors have an interest in and passion for teaching, experience working or volunteering in a classroom environment, and are dedicated to helping children succeed. In order to ensure that your child is receiving the highest caliber of instruction, we require all of our teachers to write a proficiency test that ensures they have a detailed and thorough knowledge of their subject, the Ontario curriculum, and effective pedagogy. Our instructors are knowledgeable, patient, friendly, dedicated, and will work with your family to help your child maximize their learning potential.

Our tutoring programs are fun, flexible, personalized, and implemented by excellent staff members who are whole-heartedly invested in your child’s success. We are confident that our innovation and dedication will help your child maximize their potential and delight in learning. Please feel free to contact us to enroll today!

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