Goalie Training Program

The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field – they are the last line of defense and the first line of attack. To excel at this position players require special skills and training.

To many coaches soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics are a mystery. This is especially true at younger age levels, where coaches often have not played much soccer at all, much less played keeper. Even experienced field players and coaches may not have much knowledge with goalkeeping.

We have launched a program that helps young goalkeepers understand and practice the true aspects of goalkeeping. The program outlines and demonstrates basic soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics while also touching on the psychology of goalkeeping.

Coach Louie Ji, a former professional goalkeeper, will lead this program starting from basic goalkeeping techniques and skill. With progress, coaches will gradually introduce goalkeeping psychology, game strategy, and details of functional goalkeeper equipment. (Please see training outline on attached page)

The program will offer training sessions to both experienced goalkeepers and novice goalkeepers. The program also welcomes goalies from other sports (hockey or lacross) as it addresses the skills every goalie needs: agility, shuffling, crossover and reflexes.

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