Junior Robot Level I

Introducing Simple Machines:         WeDo 2.0

This course will enable students to work as young scientists, designers and engineers. It will develop the understanding of simple machines gears, pulleys, inclined planes, levers, wheel and axle and more. For example, building a top spinner, using gear meshing and understanding how changing the gears results in different outcomes. These mechanisms are found and used in day to day life. Students will enjoy the challenges offered in the class while developing their creative thinking, problem solving, communication skills along with building their team-work.

Junior Robot Level II

Advancing with Simple Machines:

This course will challenge student’s  building and problem to the next level. Now, they will DSC_0520build complex/compound machines using multiple mechanism, pulley and gears to build a crane, clock or a jack in the box. As on extension to their projects students will be required to modify their build with battery powered motor.


Junior Robot Level III

Advancing with Powered Machines:

With the enhanced knowledge of simple and compound machines, students will build even DSC_0521more complex mechanisms while adding battery powered motors. Students will have their hand on building the walker, power crane and dragster car. They will learn to estimate and predict their outcomes with the scientific experimentation.

They will also be introduced to the major renewable energy resources and  understanding the applications of pneumatics in leaf life applications.

Junior Robot Level IV

Intro to Programming:

Students will be introduced to Lego WEDO Robotics platform. Here they will get themselves involved with programming and building. Students will complete the assigned programming challenges, simulate real world scenario such as earth quake, floods, rescue mission and gaming controller. They will learn to think outside the box and find solutions the problems faced by the world by designing their own models and providing an innovative solution.

Max. class size: 10




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